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Gurudev Akhand Jee | Testimonials

Gurudev Akhand JEE

"Quite impressed with my reading." Monica, Fiji.

"An enjoyable experience to hear the details, carefully and accurately given. A very positive encounter." Fran, Canada.

"Very accurate in personality and family" Gitanjali, Fiji.

"I am satisfied and emotioned and more positive toward my life." Camilla, Italy.

"I think too much fantastic, 90% accurate." Maria, Portugal

"Many accuracies, interesting, would recommend" Andreas, Greece.

"Very Through and respectful, very clear and quite specific" Sali, Egypt.

"Thank you very good and interesting experience, many things what he told me are true!" Mannhart, Switzerland.

"Very accurate, both personality and past, the future was very precise." Jette, Denmark.

"Unique experience, to hear me and my life" Gloria , Brasil.

"Often very close to reality, humorous, character descriptions fitted well" Kerstin, Germany.

"Main characteristics well spotted" Cecilia, Germany.

"Very good - Positive and accurate, a good experience" Ryan, Canada.

"True points about myself and past. Very insightful 10 out of 10." Andrea, USA.

"I enjoyed the palm reading and will be back with friends" Tingting, China.

"Very accurate in many areas" Margaret, Ireland.

"Gracias Akhand por tu sabiduria y por ayudarme a tener confianza. Gracias, Gracias, Gracias!" Antonio, Spain.

"Excellent - mostly very accurate" Patricia, France.

"Very interesting and correct most of the time, inspire" Selina, Sweden.

"100 % true, Than you very much" Yae, Korea.

"wonderful reading, very accurate" Tamara, Syria.

"Very exact in nearly everything, I am impresses" Ana Grandac, Spain.

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